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Victor Kiktenko, known by his stage name Module One, is a Russian electronic music producer and DJ. Being a teenager he travels to the US as a student and presents his radio show Emotions on WMRS 107.7FM (Monticello, IN) where he plays all kinds of modern electronic music. After this experience his DJing career launches in his home country. Module One is a project dedicated specially to abstract Electronica, Techno and House music as well as Ambient and Dub Techno. Right now Victor works on his Module One productions that have gained a lot of interest from the side of his colleagues and label owners. The past releases include an album on Detroit Underground (US), EPs on Modular Expansion (GR), Labrynth (US), Modelhart (Norway), Motech (US), Thema (DE), Coincidence (BE) as well as tracks for various compilations on labels like Traum, Bullet:Dodge. The geography of gigs includes sets in Tresor (Berlin, DE), Griessmuehle (Berlin) and leading Russian techno events from Monasterio, BNF, m_division.

Module One - 3 Weeks [Traum] - Tour de Traum VI Comp., 2013
Module One - Sketches [Re:Lay], 2014
Module One - Doorknocker [Tulipa] - Petal Four Comp., 2014
Module One - Blacklights [Bullet:dodge] - Compilation Volume 10, 2014
Module One - Escape [Traum] - Tour de Traum VIII Comp., 2014
Module One & Oliver T - Refract EP [Labrynth], 2015
Dub Modo - Back (Module One Remix) [Re:Lay], 2015
Module One - Elusive Signals EP [Modular Expansion], 2015
Module One - Rebirth LP [Detroit Underground], 2015
Module One - Among The Clouds EP [Coincidence], 2015
Module One - Friday Night Ep. [Motech], 2016
Module One - Triangulation EP (inc. Dan Curtin remix) [Modelhart], 2016
Module One - Rostov EP [Thema], 2016

Module One - Hometown LP - [Fauxpas Music], 2017
Soela - Fall (Module One Remix) [Detroit Underground], 2017

7.03 - Embargo (Rostov, Russia) - DJ Set
23.03 - Propaganda (Moscow, Russia) - Live Set
25.03 - Tba (Ryazan, Russia) - Dj Set
31.01 - Cocos (Sochi, Russia) - Live Set
Module One - Lomo
Module One Live

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Module One - Backyard (Free Download)
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